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Nowen Beebe Carone

Registered Dietitian

headshot photo of Nowen Beebe Carone

Nowen holds as Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Rhode Island. Nowen’s master’s thesis research involved assessing the impact of heart healthy diets such as the DASH diet on weight loss and cholesterol profile. Since completing her master’s degree she has specialized in weight management and has earned a Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is also an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Over the last 7 years, Nowen has built her clinical and counseling background by working in hospitals, nursing homes, fitness centers and outpatient clinics specializing in bariatric surgery, weight management, diabetes, GI disorders and cardiovascular disease. Currently, Nowen holds a position as the clinical dietitian for Yale New Haven Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Center. She also is an online instructor for the University of Rhode Island’s Food and Nutrition Department. Nowen can help guide you to make beneficial lifestyle changes that can last a lifetime.