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About JMM Health & Wellness

Providing Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to the CT shoreline since 2009

The History of JMM

JMM Wellness founder, Jacquie McCullough, began her career in nutrition support, becoming an expert in knowing how to nourish the body when one or more organs was failing. Initially her least favorite aspect of this role was providing education to the patients. Hospitals offer accute care and are usually not the right time to focus on diet when trying to understand a new diagnosis. After a discussion with a hospital cardiologist she saw the opportunity in identifying how many patients could avoid this critical situation through diet and exercise.

Shortly after this conversation, Jacquie left her clinical director position to begin outpatient counseling. In 2009, Jacquie began her own practice JMM Health & Wellness. What Jacquie carries over to this practice is her own personal experience with a history of ulcerative colitis. Through this experience, she has ensured that she and her team recognize that each patient is different, with different needs and goals. We do not believe that one plan fits all, but instead that our clients need to find what will work best for them.

Our Approach

What makes our practice unique is that we want to provide education at each session. We want you to be the expert in your nutrition care with our guidance. We develop your guidelines based on your medical history, to meet your nutrition needs. Our team believes strongly in behavior modification for lasting success. We provide education at each session to help you better understand your body and the best way to optimize your nutritional intake.

We aim to set you up with goals for the long-run. Each visit your plan is reassessed. We understand that not every week is going to be a stellar week. We are there to support you through rough weeks as well as the good ones! When life gets in the way, we’ll discuss strategies for the next week.

At JMM Health & Wellness our team has advanced degress to mee the needs of those who need modified diets such as diebetes, cardiac, kidney, or GI Issues.

Each Session

  • Body Composition Analysis (BCA) to assess metabolic needs with fat mass & hydration
  • Education to help provide you with current research and avoid myths
  • A plan to walk out with to set menu goals or maybe just one small behavior change to focus on.


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Meet Our Dieticians

Our dedicated staff of certified dieticians is here to offer you the support you need.